60V 31AH


The 60V 31 AH is a popular product series from DUAK 60V 31AH NMC Lithium Battery: Experience a decade of assurance with our 3-year warranty. Tailored for your needs, we offer bespoke battery services with advanced features like Optional Bluetooth and Battery Level Indicators, ensuring you always stay informed about your battery’s health. Perfectly designed for golf carts, electric motorcycles, and electric motorboats.



We highly recommend DUAK 60V31AH NMC battery. Outshining its competition, the NMC battery delivers unparalleled performance compared to other lithium battery variants. Enhanced with a smart BMS system, Safety is our priority: our proprietary protective technology ensures that, even under severe impact, the battery remains explosion and fire-resistant.

Meet the 60V31AH LiFePO4 battery; it is a deep cycle rechargeable battery which is a good replacement for a lead-acid battery. Our 60V 31AH NCM battery weighs only 1/3 lead-acid battery. It can provide you power and relief  from battery anxiety. Our battery 60V31AH is widely used in different systems, including golf carts, electric motorcycles, and electric motorboats  etc.

Feel the strength of DUAK 60V 31AH Lithium Battery. This battery stands out for its superior performance and enhanced safety measures. An ideal alternative to lead-acid batteries, it promises an extraordinary lifespan of 1000+ cycles. The battery comes equipped with protection against short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging.


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Model Name/Number DEV60V31AH
Battery Capacity 31AH
Voltage 60V
Brand DUAK
Weight 15 Kg
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Usage/Application E-Scooter/E-Bike
BIS Approved
Charging Current 60A
Features Overcharge, Over Discharge, Short Circuit Protection
SIZE Customized