EVR 51.2V 105AH


DUAK 51V 100Ah lithium battery tailored for use in rickshaws would provide a reliable and efficient power source for these vehicles, offering advantages such as longer range, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs compared to traditional fossil fuel-powered rickshaws



A 51V 100Ah lithium battery designed specifically for use in rickshaws would typically be customized to meet the power requirements and space constraints of these vehicles. Here’s how such a battery might be applied in an e-rickshaw

The nominal voltage of 51 volts provides sufficient power to drive the electric motor of the rickshaw. This voltage level is common in electric vehicle applications, including e-rickshaws.

The 100Ah capacity means the battery can deliver a significant amount of electrical energy, allowing the e-rickshaw to travel a considerable distance on a single charge. The actual range would depend on factors such as the efficiency of the motor, the weight of the vehicle, driving conditions, and terrain.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 510 × 410 × 185 cm


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Sales Package
  • 1 Battery
  • DUAK
Model Number
  • E-Rickshaw 100Ah 48V
Suitable For
  • E - Rickshaw loader
Battery Capacity
  • 100 Ah
Battery Type
  • LFP
With Electrolyte
  • No