48 V 7A

A 48V charger is designed to charge batteries that operate at a nominal voltage of 48 volts. These chargers are commonly used for various applications, including electric vehicles, golf carts, forklifts, and renewable energy systems.



A 48V lithium ion battery charger is design  to charger battery which operate on 48v. Lithium ion battery has a high requirement on charger and needs protection circuit. Therefore, lithium ion battery charger usually has a high control precision and can charge lithium ion battery at constant current and constant voltage.

This 48V 7A lithium ion battery pack charger is good quality and  easy to use. Charger has Auto Cut off facility when it reaches full charge, voltage is 54.6V . Electric bike / cycle generally consists of hub motor or chain drive type bloc or bush dc motor. 48V Battery Pack at Full charge condition reaches to approx. 54.6V. This charger having 4 green led which indicates the battery charging status and allow user to monitor battery charging condition at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% respectively.

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  • DUAK
Model Number
  • 48 Volt 54.6 Cut Off 7 AMP charger for Electric Bike or E-Vehicle
Suitable For
  • Bike
Battery Capacity
  • 30 Ah
Battery Type
  • Lithium Ion Battery
Maintenance Free
  • Yes