12V 200AH ESS

DUAK Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is an advanced technological solution that allows energy storage in battery and use in businesses and homes to achieve a continual power flow.

A battery energy storage system is makes use of renewable solar power. The sun is a wonderful energy engine, but it has one, significant limit: no sunshine, no power production. By combining battery energy storage with PV solutions, the batteries can mitigate the intermittent nature of renewable power by storing solar power produced during the day for night time use, thus guaranteeing a steady supply of power at all times.

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BATTERY MODEL 25.6V 105AH ESS Battery Charge Discharge & Voltage Protection Battery Cell Balancing
BATTERY VOLTAGE 25.6 V Battery Charging Voltage 28.8 V Start Voltage 3.4 V
BATTERY CAPECITY 105 AH Battery Discharge Voltage 21.6 V Opening pressure difference 0.5 V
BATTERY ENERGY 2688 Watt Battery Charging Current 26.25 AH Closing pressure difference 0 V
Battery Discharge Current 26.25 AH Battery Cell Voltage Protection
Battery Cell Detail High Battery Cut Voltage 28.8 V Cell High Voltage 3.6 V
Cell Make EVE CELL Primary protection 29.6 V Primary protection 3.7 V
Cell Voltage 3.2 V Secondary protection 30.4 V Secondary protection 3.8 V
Cell Capecity 105 AH High Volatge Protection recovery 27.2 V Protection recovery 3.4 V
Cell Used In Series 8 No Low Battery Voltage 23 V Cell Low Voltage 2.7 V
Cell Used in Parallel 1 No Primary protection 20.8 V Primary protection 2.6 V
Total Cell Used 8 No Secondary protection 20 V Secondary protection 2.5 V
Low Voltage Protection recovery 23.2 V Protection recovery 2.9 V
Battery Size & Weight Battery Charge and Discharge Protection Battery Temp Protection
HIGHT mm Battery Nominal Charge 26.25 A  High Temp 45  ¡æ
WIDTH mm Primary protection 34.9125 A Primary protection 50 ¡æ
LEANTH mm Secondary protection 46.433625 A Secondary protection 60 ¡æ
WEIGHT Grm Protection recovery(Reverse Cur) 1 A Protection recovery 35 ¡æ
Battery Discharge 26.25 A Low Temp -5 ¡æ
Battery Outer Wire Primary protectiton 34.9125 A Primary protection -10 ¡æ
OUTER WIRE THIKNESS 6 mm Secondary protection 46.433625 A Secondary protection -15 ¡æ
OUTER WIRE LEANTH 1 M Protection recovery(Reverse Cur) 1 A Protection recovery 15 ¡æ