12.8V 12AH SBLB

This battery pack is made up of best BIS Approved tested 32650 (3.2 V 6000 Mah) Lithium-LFPO4 Cell and BMS circuit.

It is small in size, and weight compared to Lead Acid Batteries. With the inbuilt Charge protection circuit, the battery pack can be directly charged with the DC power Adapter,



DUAK electronic Lithium battery’s features are small in size, light in weight, high energy capacity, high safe performance and flexible in design and are widely used for electronic products like , outdoor lighting batteries, electronic toys batteries, portable mini fan and POS device batteries, and so-on which moves lithium-ion battery industry forwarder in Growing India. We offer affordable battery packs for portable devices that are designed with perfection to deliver true capacities. These Lithium Battery Packs provide backup for both DC & AC portable devices.

Lighting Batteries features are overload protection, over temperature Protection, output short circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, high specific energy, high safe performance and flexible in design and are widely used for solar streetlight, garden lighting, torch, online UPS, solar home lighting system, and so-on which moves lithium-ion battery industry forwarder in Growing India

LFP SOLAR Lithium Battery

We build these battery packs in diverse range to fulfilled 3.2V, 6.4V, and 12.8V and differential capacity as per application requirement.

This battery pack is very convenient to recharge and install in your project requirement with 5mm DC female jack for changing and Nylon Female T-connector for discharging or connecting to your applications.

Since finding a branded or good quality LFP batteries or battery Pack is nearly going impossible, and the market is full of suppliers who are offering the clone lithium batteries under the names of famous brands. Those batteries are rated the same as standard lithium batteries, yet no one guaranty about their lifespan and also their performance is not as good as you expect.

To overcome this case and provide our customer best possible Lithium battery,

We have in-house cell testing lab with different kind of machine so that we can provide you best quality of battery with original cell. Our 32650 Lithium battery packs with the best quality at a reasonable price to provide you the value for what you are paying


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BATTERY MODEL 12.8V 12AH SBLB Battery Charge Discharge & Voltage Protection Battery Cell Balancing
BATTERY VOLTAGE 12.8 V Battery Charging Voltage 14.4 V Start Voltage 3.4 V
BATTERY CAPECITY 12 AH Battery Discharge Voltage 10.8 V Opening pressure difference 0.5 V
BATTERY ENERGY 154 Watt Battery Charging Current 3 AH Closing pressure difference 0 V
Battery Discharge Current 3 AH Battery Cell Voltage Protection
Battery Cell Detail High Battery Cut Voltage 14.4 V Cell High Voltage 3.6 V
Cell Make FB Tech/ HX Primary protection 14.8 V Primary protection 3.7 V
Cell Voltage 3.2 V Secondary protection 15.2 V Secondary protection 3.8 V
Cell Capecity 6 AH High Volatge Protection recovery 13.6 V Protection recovery 3.4 V
Cell Used In Series 4 No Low Battery Voltage 11 V Cell Low Voltage 2.7 V
Cell Used in Parallel 2 No Primary protection 10.4 V Primary protection 2.6 V
Total Cell Used 8 No Secondary protection 10 V Secondary protection 2.5 V
Low Voltage Protection recovery 11.6 V Protection recovery 2.9 V
Battery Size & Weight Battery Charge and Discharge Protection Battery Temp Protection
HIGHT 72 mm Battery Nominal Charge 3 A  High Temp 45  ¡æ
WIDTH 70 mm Primary protection 3.99 A Primary protection 50 ¡æ
LEANTH 135 mm Secondary protection 5.3067 A Secondary protection 60 ¡æ
WEIGHT 1240 Grm Protection recovery(Reverse Cur) 1 A Protection recovery 35 ¡æ
Battery Discharge 3 A Low Temp -5 ¡æ
Battery Outer Wire Primary protectiton 3.99 A Primary protection -10 ¡æ
OUTER WIRE THIKNESS 1.5 mm Secondary protection 5.3067 A Secondary protection -15 ¡æ
OUTER WIRE LEANTH 12 inch Protection recovery(Reverse Cur) 1 A Protection recovery 15 ¡æ